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vendredi 14 juin 2013

Friend Tags

Hey, how's life? good? Im not that good, neither bad.
Today I want to post about me. Yeah, although there's nobody who read this. But I have to.
I got 6 Tags. Im happy, because it means that there are still many people who see me and know that im exist in this world hehe
So, lets check it out

o Post this rule.
o Write 11 things about yourself.
o Answer the question the tagger set to you.
o Create 11 new questions for those you want to tag.
o Choose 11 bloggers to be tagged and link them to the post.
o You are not allowed to tag back.

o I'm human.
o I still dont know what I wanna be.
o Im kinda not get excitement of something about mint. (like toothpaste)
o Im not afraid of insects or anything that girl usually scared.
o Im afraid of dogs even if its a cute puppy.
o i dont know what colour i love the most.
o I love to sleep with my socks.
o Im sensitive about everything.
o I love eating.
o Im k-drama addict and kpopers.
o People say that im loud, but sometimes i feel like im quite and alone.

Questions from Gabrielle Atmajaya :

*What is your favorite color?
I dont know, i better say I love rainbow.
* What's your guilty pleasure?
hmm no one
* What is your phone ringtone?
Ojomajo Doremi (ost of Magical Doremi-opening song)
* Older sister or younger brother?
Older sister
* If you get one chance to do anything illegal, what would you do?
i dont want to
* Adidas or Nike?
Adidas as well
* What shampoo do you use?
for now, Rejoice
* What's your favorite chocolate?
i love everything 'bout chocolate hehe
* Salty or caramel popcorn?
caramel popcorn
* Ryan Gosling or Jake Gyllenhaal?
i dont know both of them
* Coffee or tea?

Questions from Hanna

* Nama account twitter nya apa?
* Punya blackberry or android?
* Biasnya siapa?
Lee donghae(suju), hyoyeon(snsd), gd(bigbang), and now im get over L infinite.
*Suka anime?
biasa aja, bukan suka, bukan juga gak suka.
* Agamanya apa?
Alhamdulillah,  muslim.
* Pernah difitnah gak sama orang?
Alhamdulillah, gak pernah deh kayanya.
* Kejadian paling memalukan?
gada yg paling, soalnya banyak -..-
* Sering gosok gigi?
engga hehe
* Cowo banci kaya or kece miskin?
no both
* Suka banget sama K-ON atau biasa aja?
i dont know what k-on is. Anime i guess, rite?
* Lagu yang PALING suka banget?
aduuuuuh, gatau. Soalnya aku moody. Baru jg cepet bosen gitu

Questions from Nada :

* What's your favorite movie? Why do you love it?
i love watching movies. But im someone who easy to forget. So, i often forget 'bout the part of the movie-_- so dunno
* Describe your life in 360 words.
i wish my life were wonderful. I thank God because place me in the right family. But sometimes my life is suck. And I dont like to talk a lot. That's all
* What do you think about cat? Tell me what you know about that's creature
I love cat. They're cute. I have one in my home, but unfortunately he died a few days ago.
* Choose one. Dark or Bright. Short or Long. Big or Small. One or Two. Tell me the reason
Bright= i dont like dark, long= sorely same with tall?, small= its cuter than big, two= i love even number.
* What do you think about the ballerina?
they're gorgeous and adorableeeeee.
* How important teacher for you?
so important. But, there are so many teachers who dont have intention in teaching. I hate them.
* Do you like drawing?
yeeep, i wish i could be a painter. But, i cant draw well-_-
* Art or Science? Why?
Art ofc. Oh God, science make head wanna fall apart.
* Do you have enemy(ies)? Who?
* Korean, Japan, or Spanyol? Why?
Korea. Soalnya Korea keren aja gitu, pengennya Eropa tapi kalo Spanyol engga deh. Soalnya gak ngerti gitu bahasanya, terlalu asing.
* Is there something that you wanna confess to someone? What's that?
mau minta maaf

Questions from Altha :

* Tinggal dimana?
* Suka sama 1D? kalo suka , pilih siapa?
netral. kalo disuruh pilih... hm gatau-_-
* Chibi, Smash, ato Blink?
* 1D, The Wanted, ato The beatles?
no one
* Jomblo ngenes ato Jomblo bahagia?
* Moment-moment paling istimewa yg km inget ada?
the moments I have with my fam.
* Cowo cuek ato Cowo crewet?
* Benda ato harapan apa yg km pingin banget?
pengen jadi pinter&rajin lagi kaya dulu.
* Pernah gak km pacaran paling lama berapa bulan/tahun/minggu?
gak pernah pacaran
* Apa sih kesukaan kamu?
singing+playing guitar. itu moodbooster banget
* Orang yg paling memotivasi km?

Questions from Wenny Natalia :

* have all the wealth but don't have any family / friends / partner or the opposite? Why?
opposite. because its nothing when you have wealth but dont have anyone you loved in your life. Mati kan gak bawa harta
*agree or not, smoking isn't important? Why?
Agree. I hate smokers
*Is allowed if we put another people art without sources to your blog?
Harusnya sih gak boleh, tapi kalo gambarnya dari tumblr kayanya itu uda hal yg biasa tanpa source.
*no offense, but, why k-pop very loved by Indonesian teenagers?
Maybe because, we dont have kind of k-pop music in Indo.
*twitter or facebook or blog?
*Bahasa Indonesia or English?
*mineral water or soda?
Mineral water
*Do you like instrumental music?
engga biasa aja
** write a question for you, and please answer the questions that have been written * * i don't have idea *

Questions from Diprat :

* What's your future goals?
being "someone" in the future
* Who do you want to be?
Someone who my parent proud of.
* Who is your inspiration?
hm, my mom.
* What things do you want to buy but yet accomplished?
i dont wanna buy anything
* Friend or Family?
Family. I have friends but why it is like i have no friend.
* Education or Hobby?
* Comic or Novel?
Both. I love reading.
* Singer or Actress/Actor?
* What is your favorite day? Why?
Saturday. because on this day, i used to hangout with my fam.
* Who do you want to meet now?
My family
* Smart or Dilligent? Why?
Dilligent. Because im not dilligent, i cant be smart. so dilligent

My Questions:
1. Do you often say "i love you" to your parents?
2. What's the last thing you eat today?
3. Do you have soundcloud? what's yours?
4. Can you play guitar?
5. What do you wanna be in the future?
6. Are you secret admirer?
7. Do you always trust your close friends?
8. If you found money$ in the street, what would you do?
9. Whats country do you wanna go the most?
10. Do you hate someone who says good in front of you, but says bad in your back? If he/she is your friend.
11. Whats your favorite food?

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