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mardi 1 mars 2011

My first Award

I've got my FIRST award from Tya  :) really Thanks a lots ..

1. Thanks and link to the person who awarded me this award

I feel 'waw', why does she want to give this award to me ? My blog isn't AWESOME
like any other blog. So, I want to say Thanks Yous verys muchs ;) *use "S" becoz really grateful.
Thanks again Oktyra Indirasari . 
btw, my name is Gusti Elissa with double 'S' not double 'L' heehe

2. Share 8 things about myself

- a fans of K-Pop. Pure ELF 
- I can't be a cool person -..- aku gak bisa diem
- Suka jajan pentol
- I love NGEMIL
- cant life without my leptop and internet. cant life without Music and singing.
- fussy + esmosian
- suka nangis tiba-tiba
- UCUL /plakk ---> BEGO juga iya

3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I have recently discovered

Alfrecha Feblinesia 
Vilda Witaria 
Amanda Indriani 
Ghea Safferina 
- idk
- idk
- idk
- idk

4. Contact those blogger and tell them about their awards

yup, ofcourse :) hey you, take this award to your blog .

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