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dimanche 6 mars 2011

Joined Contest for helping cute Baby 'Kassandra'

This is not an ordinary contest. Yesterday, a blogger who named Grace invited me to join this contest. Previous, I thought this was troublesome. Moreover, I am exam of TDS and my english isn't good. But, I decided to join this contest.

okay, she has a cute Baby, namely Kassandra. But, her daughter was diagnosed to have a congenital hearing loss. she needs financial assistance for this as she cannot afford to buy her hearing aid.
So, I want to help her by this contest ;)
she said that joining this contest is helping her daughter.

I cant imagine if Kassandra is ME. I cant imagine if when I was little, I was like Kassandra.
Kassandra ia too young to suffer this sickness. I hope Kassandra can hear amazing voices in the world, soon.

Grace will givaway a vintage necklace to winner of this contest.
I joined this contest not just because want to get a prize. but because, I want to help Kassandra :D

here are the people who have helped Kassandra by buying her earing aid :

- Terry Haas 
- Melody Faye S. Arreza
- Chris Byrne

for you all, you can help her too .
you can join this contest. just click ;D
and u could help her ;]
This is open from March 5 and will end on April 5, 2011. 
I hope U will get well soon, Kassandra :D

thanks before, wish me luck .. hehe

1 commentaire:

  1. Thanks a bunch for joining the contest :) This is really a great help for us. God bless always girl!