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mardi 15 janvier 2013

do you know?

Found this and start to full it.

001. Name: Gusti Elissa Damayanti
002. Nickname(s): Icha, Lisa, Gusti
003. Status: Single
004. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
005. Male or female: Female
006. Elementary School: SD YPPSB
007. Middle School: SMP YPPSB
008. High School: SMAN 1 Balikpapan
009. Smart: i used to be smart, but now i'm not.
010. Hair color: black-brown.
011. Tall or short: :(
012. Loud or Quiet: honestly quiet. but, people know that i'm loud.
013. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans?
014. Phone or Camera: phone. phone is smart.
015. Health freak: nope
016. Drink or Smoke: neither
017. Do you have a crush on someone: yesh i do.
018. Eat or Drink: both ;]
019. Piercings: aniyo.
020. Tattoos: andwae.
021. Foods you dislike: mint. I mean toothpaste. Okayh, it's not food at all.
022. Right or left-handed: right-handed


023. First Piercings: no...
024. First best friend: dunno.
025. First award: coloring contest when kindergarten
026. First crush: my classmate in kindergarten
027. First pet: meowww:3
028. First big vacation: Jakarta. just it-_-
029. First concert: no one
030. First big birthday: no one
031. First big fight: with my friends in elementary school
032. First sport: swimming
033. First enemy: i think, i don't have enemies.
034. First phobia: -
035. First celebrity idol: Sherina
036. First clique: hm?
037. First bad impression: smoker


038. Eating: candy
039. Drinking: mineral water
040. Listening to: my recording-_-
041. About to: watching
042. Waiting for: nothing
043. Wearing: shorts and t-shirt
044. Worried about: tomorrow
045. Loving: Allah, parent, sissy-brossy, friends, my cats, my idols.
046. Missing: my spirit of study.
047. Planning for today: wash my plates, tidy my room, do my homeworks


048. College: Indonesia. Mom wants me to college in Aus.
049. Silk: cool
050. Cupid: love
051. Pickle: delicious
052. Penny: fighting!
053. Stop: sign
054. 777: cool number
055. Guam: is that disease?
056. Banana: yellow
057. Debt: collector


058. Want kids: yeshhh, 2 kids.
059. Want to get married: ofcourse, with someone i love. and he loves me.
060. Careers in mind: doctor.


061. Lips or eyes: eyes!
062. Hugs or kisses: hugsss
063. Shorter or taller: taller gah
064. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic, but don't be lebay.
065. Nice stomach or nice arms: whatever
066. Sensitive or loud: hmmm
067. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
068. Older or younger: older
069. Richer or poorer: richer;) heee
070. Smart or witty: witty
071. Trouble maker or hesitant: trouble maker
072. High maintenance or plain: high maintenance
073. Glasses or contacts: normal
074. Rigid or moody: neither
075. Lots of friends or no friends: lots


076. Kissed a stranger: NOOOOOOOO
077. Lost glasses/contacts: No
078. Forgotten a password: yup
079. Blacked out: no
080. Broken someone’s heart: yep
081. Been arrested: mean?
082. Seen a monster: never
083. Ran away from home: yes
084. Felt like dying: yeahh
085. Killed an animal: so sorry for that
086. Cheated: yeah
087. Cried when someone died: ya


088. God: of course i do
089. Yourself: nooo
090. Miracles: he-em
091. Love at first sight: no one knows
092. Heaven: yes
093. Santa Claus: no
094. Fairies: hmm little bit
095. Kiss on the first date: no
096. Angels: ya


097. Is there one person you want to be with right now: yah, but he's just too far to be reached.
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life: i hope so
099. Is Superman really better than Batman: yeah, i don't like batman
100. Re-post?: please

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