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jeudi 29 décembre 2011

Let's scream 'IT'S HO-LI-DAY!'

Holla bloggies! how's life going? mine is great :D btw, happy holiday! <3
on this holiday, im back home to my lovely small city called Sangata :) hehe
actually, my school havent free school yet. but, i chose to back to sangata. I wish there's no remedial anymore-____- you know, all my JHS said that they all missed me. So, I need to come to this city. muehehe

i didnt bring my lappy, yeah thats not just because im lazy to bring it, but my lappy is in sick. im tired to use it :( ohya, my sister 'Uwi' isnt in home for 2 weeks. yeah, i dont have friend who can i disturb :(( huhu
she went to Pare for study english with her friends. okay, because you arent with me and i cant go to there, you must give me giveaway wiii! :D hihi

ohya, i wanna tell about my cat. yes, endut :) 3 months ago, she gave birth 3 babies. My mom gave name Entis, Altis, and Autis. okay, its funny mom -____-
but, a few days ago she gave birth 3 babies again, bloggies! isnt that cool? she has 7 childrens -_- 
you dont use KB ndut =,= 

with <3
Ichha aka Gusti Elissa

3 commentaires:

  1. kalo nga bisa bahasa inggris, jgn sok pake bhs inggris. belepotan tau nga. pake bahsa indo aja

  2. @halimah: iyaa autiis <3

    @anon: maaf deh anon, nanti saya belajar lagi :)
    tau deh anon yang langsung bisa tanpa belajar :p