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mardi 16 août 2011



Hi, how's life ? Im pretty fine :) but, my throat is really sore T.T yay b'cause, Smansa Choir. Tomorrow, Smansa Choir will perform on ceremony of Independence Day :) I've got tired. I'm headache. Im sleepy, Ive got sleep deprivation -______- yesterday, when we were Gladi Bersih at Lapangan Merdeka, i wanted to faint TT. My head was dizziness, my eyes was dizzy, and everything was blur. My legs werent strong to sustain me. But, i was trying to survive. You know, i was fasting at that time. So, i didnt want to perforated. I've been perforated for 8 days sucks.___. Oya, when we were singing i cant handle my self. So, i just sang with low voice. I wanna faint !! ohmygosh~ Then, the Gladi Bersih had finished. I walked with weakness legs. N my friens said to me 'Buka aja kalo gak kuat. Minum air Putih'. But, i didnt want. Im just confused, must I tomorrow go to Lapangan Merdeka tomorrow ? Im just afraid of fainting. Im just scared to disappoint TT. What should I do ??? TT^TT I think, Im unwell NOW :( wish me luck for tomorrow, ohkay ? :) thanks.

with  <3,
Gusti Elissa  Damayanti aka Icha (:

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