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mercredi 10 août 2011

The Achievement

Hi! long time no post all. miss ya all guys :( how's life? i wish better than yesterday. hehe
So, i dunno wanna post something 'bout what ? -__-
ohkayy, that's because i didnt post anything for a long time >: really regret, but i think there's no one of you all who always look at my blog and wanna see the newest post. haha. i can just hoping that someone/anyone no bored when read my blog. B'coz my blog is reehlyy BOHRING, rite ? wuu i know, everyone will say 'Yes, it is Cha! your blog really boring'. gaah, go die ajalaah you o.o *peace, kidding'.

okay u know, im not a 9grade student again. i go up one level! im 10grade, Now! or first Senior High School. Im not child again, N i wish i can be mature. i hope i can adapt with new areas. although, im truly from this city. Yes, im schooling on different city aka Balikpapan. I wish i can be friendly with new people, new friends, new teachers, new residence, new weather, and for everything :DD I have to show that I can to be here so I deserve to be here. I wont disappoint my parents and everyone beside me *like my friend, teachers, blablabla*. Im X-1 RSBI Student. hopefully my english can be better :) *amien*
btw, why am i talking so long ? u must dizziness read it haha sorry ! actually, i was wanting to say a bit cuap.cuap, but i told so passionate ! hehe

ohyaa, i wanna share some photos of my achievement. *yes, like the title*
Let's check it out

the envelope of my graduation

The graduation letter

yeay! i passed it. *sorry just upload it now*

my value


The folder of achievement


The achievement

The little bag of my gift

see it! what's taht?

yep, 4Gb flashdisc :)

The trophy. really moved bcause i never got trophy :( huu

yay, can you guess why i can get the achievement, gift, n trophy? come on, raise you hand! I'll give you lollipop if you're right. bzz, kidding. lol. sorry, im more crazeey now C: dunno why.
okay, so this achievement i got because i was getting the best score of english on UN. Just 98, why wasnt 100 ? huh. But, thanks for my Lord, Allah who gave this boon to me :) alhamdulillaahh....

okay, wanna go to my school SMAN1 Balikpapan for PadSu. See you again next time!
Btw, i just wanna say 'Happy Fasting' to you all who implement it :D
Jangan bolong ya puasanya! hehe
We must try! Hwaiting ! 

with <3,
Gusti Elissa Damayanti aka Icha xoxo

6 commentaires:

  1. lols. I got 98 too in my English. but I didn't got any trophies. there's like 5 people who got 100 in my school. super sucks. :b

    ps.congratulations on your achievement ! :D

  2. it's not "value" ... it should be "score". Both have the same meaning "nilai". Value is like cultural value, moral value. Yours is score =)

    Keep on writing, your English is great.

  3. @Lucia Jessica: lol. It means my school is less severe ==' there was no one who got 100. Congrats for your score, too :D

    @Rizqi Arifuddin: thank you for the correction :) i'll learn more :D

    ps: sorry for my bad english. hehe

  4. congrats about your graduation!! ^^
    great that you got that trophy..

  5. waw you very smart...
    good job friend..

  6. @kelimutu: thankyou, sista :)

    @Fazri: i guess you too :) thankyou :D