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mardi 31 mai 2011

Nikon D3100

My dad bought me a camera Nikon. N i dunno that's slr or dlsr =.= i can't distinguish it. okayh, stop. shut up ur mouth cha.

my dad brought the cam to my house on.... *search handphone*
on April 17th 2011. U know, I noted this in my calender. wahaha *alay*

hmm, sometimes my dad's odd. with sudden bring da things which i wasn't thinking -.-
like that day, i thought he was joking asked about the cam. but, when he came to house he brought a Nikon camera. haha .

like previous months, she bought me :
1. The Guitar

2. The Handphone (Nokia X3-02)

3. The Motorcycle (Honda Beat)


So, let's check pics which taken by me and taken by Nikon D3100 :)
I upload some of my photography ^^

i was checking the cam in the mirror haha

 my onnie :) isn't she cute ? :)

 me, danna, asni :)

 with my friends :D

 with my friends again :D

 me -,- haha

 asni :)

 ayu :)

 danna :)

 jihan :)

 my brotha :D

 gahh, I never publish my pics with teeth smile. So, this is it !

 uohh, there was dirty clothes ==

 ILOVEYOU MEETOO :*<3 My doll :D muahahaha

do everyone wanna see my little cat ? huh, he's bigger now. N he's 2 months. oklay?

Looks blur because he didn't want to stop his activity. huh =.+

Sorry because some of the pics already i edited :]
see ya later ~~ :*

with <3,
Gusti Elissa Damayanti

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