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samedi 19 mars 2011

night all, oh NO ! This almost dawn... Haha exactly, 01.52 am.
N i havent been sleeping. I want to sleep but, my eyes cant closed :(
N at the moment, i am using my father's phone to online .
I am so sorry because never make a new post again. N now, im making this to u. Although just good manners, just snouts, N although I know, people seldom seeing my blog haha.
But thanks to u dear who was on chatbox. I couldnt reply for this dawn. Maybe later, in the morning or afternoon ;D
oya btw, on Monday and Tuesday i will become a tutor for bahasa, english, and math. Wish me luck ! And can teach my friend be better than they're before..
Oya, i am english coordinator. But i didnt do anything. Thats all because i was very lazy to do something that make me busy. Haha

bye, Gusti Elissa D

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