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samedi 26 mars 2011

New Family

hi all xD how's ur life ? long time no see and I feel guilty didnt post anything :(
yep, my blog was dead.  reahlyy sorry ..

N now, i want to inform u about birth of new cat. it's baby from Endut ~ my lovely black cat >.<
she just gave birth one son. it's cute, even very cute. its hair is orange and white. because of that, i gave its name 'Baby Orange'. I know, thats sound weird. it's look like an english cat, because its name =.=
it was born on last friday :) So, it is only 1 week;D cute, isnt it ?

I and my family are really happy have a new member in our fam ~
did u know ? baby orange is tortured. hows not ? everyday  it worns, it brings . to everywhere. to my mom's room or my room -__- after that, of course its mom was angry. and looked for his son.
Endut is reahlyy pity. she must still jumping or running on the grass. playing ball and following the line =-=
she is a young mom ~ u're Wondermiauu, puss.. haha
Happy be a new mom :)

ohya, do u know ? Jihan aka Han Jisun  said that this picture  looks like me -__-
but, just her eyes ~ thankyouuh jihan, but she is too beautiful than me .. haha

sorry for this ulzzang :k jihan's eyes was error

regard wth <3,
Gusti Elissa Damayanti 

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