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samedi 5 mars 2011

Family Gathering

Family Gathering is meeting between KPC employees and their family. In that day, all of family in the same crew and group doing same activity. there are so many contest and there are so many prizes. In that day, we were given food and many snack :) Held once every year. N my father including crew C in Maintenaince group, So last week my family came to family gathering.

My brother joined the game/contest of puzzle. At first, when I saw him. His puzzle still so little. So, I was indolent to saw him.
I sat on guest chair while enjoying the voice of the singer :) But, I want to sing to ~~ But, I thought that there is no a great song -..- huftt *aku malu*

ohyeah, bact to my lil broher..
so, I again saw him. N, did u know ? His puzzle had full ~~ N he won !!
I never though that my brother would win.. waw ! N now i know, My adek is really smart :D
proof he got 4th rank and his average was 92,3 :) *pamer*

let's see the pics:

isnt he cute ? kekeke

he didnt cheat. but looked puzzle sample :D

he tried to finishing the puzzle ..

when he got the prizes

please deh, dont be so, ur face.. haha

this is the prizes :D

contents of that pocket are pencil box, drinking case, and about 11 books ;)
ohya, I got these pics from my father's handphone. because of that, all of these pics look blur ;> hehe

that's all pics of the winner of 'tarik tambang'.
let's see why the team was winning :)
because a bule located at the rear . hahaha
he's so BIG. but u're great, sir ;B

ohya, i also got much pics of my brotha before he got his prizes. when we outside the building when we looked 'tarik tambang' games. I asked him to pose . rather, we were in rainbow hill :)

in the building :D

Have a nice day ~~~
bye all <3
wish me can do TDS exam with my best :)

Gusti Elissa Damayanti

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