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jeudi 17 février 2011

Hahahap XD

I say 'HI' to you all who have been willing read my BACOT in this blog :)
How's your life, dear ? ♥
Hope you always have an amazing lifes and have an awesome experience in your life :D

hmm, damn boring now. So, I'm watching television.
I want to online but tomorrow will do last TryOut.
Yup, that will IPA. Do you know ? I don't like IPA, but I don't hate IPA.
I hope I will love it, later ;B

I want to online, but I fell guilty if I do. Even My Parents are going to Samarinda.
So, no one will scold me and told me "Don't do it ! You must study!"
but, I can't. I'm a good daughter :)

oya, Monday was Valentine day. Who is celebrating ? You ? You ? or you ?
What's valentine day ? I don't know it -__-
N when you ask me, 'Do you celebrate it ?'
No, I don't -______- Nothing specials on that day.
that day felt like usual. No one gave me a chocolate or a red flowers, or even val-cards which have heart picture on it.
whereas, i imagine that someone who I love give me a gift which use red/pink heart wrapping paper. ohh, supposing \o/
but, it couldn't.

Maybe, my friends, my cousins, my sister, my brother, my parents, and I dont need a val-day. 
But val-day really need us =)
but, sorry val-day. i'm busy to celebrate U.
See ya next Year, val-day ~~

bye :*

chachachaps <3

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