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jeudi 3 février 2011

About New :D

Hi all :)
it feels like 1 year i no post in this blog..
U know? I'm really busy -.-
although, today is free school.
Btw, 'Gong xi fat cai' to u all who celebrate imlek :D

im very busy.
Now, im online use my handphone..
New HP! Haha
i can't use my modem :(
*masa aktif hbis

oya, I've got new handphone and new motorcycle :>#pamer

my handphone: X3-02
my motorcycle: red Honda Beat

very happy. Haha
just one again that i wish ._.
Mom, Dad, give it to meh.. Lol

bye, gonna finishing my homework.
I wanna be a smart girl :D

love <3,
ichha xoxo

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