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samedi 15 janvier 2011

SpongeBOB and His Lovely Mom

hey, look at them ?
Aren't they cute ?
like a couple.
but, u know ? They're Son and his Mom. who is son ? and, who is mom ?
Ask me how the way to distinguish them, please..
yellow sponge who has big body is Mom. and yellow sponge who has small body is SpongeBob.
they both are so cute.I love their teeth. just 2 :3 I hope my teeth like their!! *ohh noo, kidding*
I want to scratch and destroy them ! because they're too cute. *heh?* lols

me          : hey, ask 'why' here there's no SpongeBob's Dad ?
cute readers: WHY ?!?! -___- *terpaksa*

hmm, this is so sad. SpongeBob's Dad died yesterday ;(. pity huhh.
I haven't taken photo of their all. hemm, im so regret ! 
So, I just took photo of SpongeBob and his mom. This is only one memory that they had. really sorry, just 4 photos.
and now, they both have left me. they left me with no purpose.

The end


Please, dont trust that story. That's just silly story that I made perfunctory briefly. hahaha
Actually, just 2 b'coz My sista's friend just order one. and, mom's spongeBob is given to me.didn't because his father died yday.
hahaa! I got one ;) But, just she lend.
but, she don't know that her spongeBob was broke. My friends who broke Funny SpongeBoB, Not MEH ! *forget it*

yupp, so u know, my sista's sell spongebob/ whatever shape which it made by flanel kain.
if u want to buy it, please contact me. Or, u can call this number: O857503083** --> false number
But, better if u dont order with my sister. She's handmade not good ! *malah menjelek-jelekkan*
No, u have to order with my sister. She's very GREAT!
She always gives me some of her handmade. :D
not because I can't, but I'm LAZY. *ngeles*
So, if u want things which made by flanel kain. Contact me :)
There are handphone hanger, Pin, etc. My sister's latest discovery is Fitrop Pin. and she gives me again >.<
Uwi is very nice, but sometimes she's annoying.=.=                                                                                               

Gusti Elissa     

note: Sorry for My english 

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