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dimanche 23 janvier 2011


I was test of Buana Mekar. The test of UN preparation. OMG! I'm not ready. I haven't memorized the formulas of Math. I haven't learned enough. hah~
n' so, I did my test with perfunctory. Damn! the tests are so hard. there are 90 questions. so hard! 90 questions include Math, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Inggris, and IPA. the time is not enough >.< just about 1 hour 15 minutes. waww, really fast. N when the time runned out, OMG . I'm sure, if the time is more. I can get better score than it. but, There are many answers blank. huft~
just resigned~ uoohh
N we discussed some of all questions. N just one that i was right. which else, I was wrong.
I though, how about my score ? I am ashamed.

BUT, in fact. I got ranked 15th. haha~
this is so weird. let's imagine ~ I got ranked 15th for 500 students -__-
what the hell is this ?
I know, the scanner must be damaged.
I was too great -..-

Bahasa Indonesia: 5.5
Bahasa Inggris: 6.0
Math: 5.0
IPA: 4.0

I got ranked 15th, but I didn't pass ;(
weird, right ? really weird ..

*suck, i want to give the picture of question.. but, internet is f****

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