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vendredi 7 janvier 2011

Happy New Year ;D

hii ;) what's up ? hahaa
long time no post. And, this is my first post in 2011. waaw, not have though now ha been 2011.
and I forgot to say " Happy New Year 2011" to you all ;)

In 2011, I hope, I can be better.  and hope you too. I  wish, I can be lucky in this year *amien*
I hope, I will finish my exams with easy. I hope I can finish my Junior High School with the best score :) and can get trophy, although just one. I want my parents proud of ME. it must be very awesome. hehee
yeah, but, if i'm lazy reading my book. it is not possible ! So, wish me more diligent;D hahaa

btw, i spend my holidays in Balikpapan. Just about 2 weeks. but, it felt very loonngg. haahh
but, now, want to have holiday longer, again -__-
okayy, let's tell about my new year night. Before, i went to my aunt's. I went to Darius's house. he's birthday on that night. this cute child, celebrate his 3rd year. hahaa, very young. Darius is very funny. he didnt want blow out his candles =.= and, what happened ? he was crying. hahaa
very weird ! finally, he wanted to blow out his candles, but with his brother, Darren. haha
Daren was very excited! haha. oya, Darius's tooth was missing. hehee

after that, I and my family, ate the cake. I remember, the cake was cappucino flavor. but, it was less. not enough! *greedy* haha
after that, I ate metballs + thigh chicken + and a little rice.
do u think I am greedy ? = ='' no, I dont.
before went to Darius's, I have been eating rice.

After that, I and My family went to My aunt's house namely Ibu Nelly or Ibu Nenel.
There is a lot of my fam. but, some of them didnt come.
we sang together, at that time. because, Om tunas brought his guitar. I wanted to borrow it. but, i was ashamed. hihi.
and then, when the day was at 12pm, children took their trumpet and blow their trumpet. *iclude me.. haha* My family bought that trumpet in HyperMart. "Buy 1 free 1" hehe
oya, at that time I was being a photographer. I took some photos which very cool.. but, some of my cousins wasn't narsis. huuh. not like me.
but, i regret, those photos were in Om Sony's Camera. yahh... whereas very cool. Im great to be PAPARAZZI. hahahahaha
this is the trumpet;) take by: handycam's father

May Allah Bless U all ;D

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