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mardi 25 janvier 2011

Dad's New Laptop

Im so jelaous ;(
My dad bought a new laptop .. N it's really cute. I like it.

N I like the program.. windows7 ! Mine is Windows Vista. not very different, but this is more simple.
IDK what the type of this laptop, but this is by Sony, exactly VAIO.
before my dad buy it, i think VAIO are the brand like Toshiba, Acer,etc. lols
hah~ really jelaous. although, i have one~
my lovely laptop ~ *idk the type*

I want it, too >.<
yup, YOUNGGREEN. that's so awesome.
isn't it look very cute~ green.
there are also PINK.
cute, but I think over feminine.
but, this is different from my dad's. My dad's cooler than this.

love <3,

Gusti Elissa D.

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