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lundi 6 décembre 2010

SNSD's pict

they are my fovorite picts :) ohh,SNSD !!
i found them on my friend's tumblr.. she's my twitter's followers. haha! and I, her twitter's followers! *gaje*
so u know, she's Sone (: and, a very fanatic Sone! haha
hemm, she's from Philiphine. And, idk how's her face ? == yeah, b'coz she's never insert her photo.. but, i thinkshe's cute :) and she's smart speak english, japan, of course tagalog, and korean ! she can write hangul ! waww, it's so great ! yeah, although i can also do it :D hehe

heyy, why are we talking about her ? im a main actress ! haha
hemm, i think, i became a fans of SNSD !!
No,No,No, im not ==
Im a Nefer.. but, im not an Anti fans :)
sometime, i like them, but sometime i dont like them ..
they're really beautiful, and i can't be like them.. :(

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