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samedi 27 novembre 2010


hii.. long time no post :)
on November 23st 2010, im birthday.. but, nothing special -___-
no one that i wish.. just wishes from all my friends who i know, n' some of my friends in facebook who i dont know.. BUT, so much thankyou for all of them!!! thankyou so much for many wishes.. becoz, idk "what's my wish?" "what's my pray?" huhh=.= thankyouu all..

actually, my friend not very bother with my birthday.. but, some of them give me congratulation for my birthday.. 
yeah, im be grateful for my life.. thankyou Allah, u still give me a life until now..
forgive ur this servant, who always do mistakes, n' sometimes dont do ur commands :( thankyou.thankyou..
ohya, on my birthday, when we berbaris. Basuki said, "Gusti ultah ya?". n' suddenly, he sang "Happy birhday to u, hbd to u,................." n' all my friends in my class folowed him to sang a song to me :D
huu~~ thankyou basuki haha.. 
n' when we prayed, Galih said, "teman2, kita doakan untuk teman kita yang lagi ultah".. haha
thankyou XD they're really so good :D I <3 u, My friends :*

n' when I break, i treat some my friends.. because, i dont have enough money. if i treat all of my firend, OMG !! I will poor = =
i think, i treat, Onnie, Asni, Dana, Ayu, Della, Faby, and ME !! ohyeah, my sister too =)
just for Rp. 4000/ person. but, i hope they're full on that time !! haha

ohyeah, BUT lately im little regret of my life :( my mom always mad with me !! my dad too.. they're really annoying! i hate them....... really hate at that time! they told about me, they insult me with their shrill voice.. huuh~~ i felt want to go away from house.. i can't hold my tears :'( suck!
but, last, i started thinking, that my parents scolded with me, because they're want to their children be a nice girl. who dont against they. n' always followed their commands :)
i know, they're afraid be parents who fail educate their childrens :) like my dad said last, on breakfast..

sorry ma, pa, i always make u both mad with me :( forgive me.. i know, my mistakes for u really very mucH :(
forgive me, i know, i should be grateful to have parent like u both :)
I <3 U, My parents :)

bye, icha xixi

*sorry for my bad english*

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