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lundi 25 octobre 2010

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heyy,fellow :)
how's ur life ??
hmm, long time no post.. hihi
ohyeahi've got 60 for my test diagnostic of IPA. N' i've got 67.5 for my Math :(
huu~~ really bad -___-
but, that's my fault, get score like that!!! yah, i didn't learn at that time :(
anyway, should be more study again LATER !!

oya, i started to become fans of MOCCA :)
u know Mocca ? Mocca is a band from Bandung, Indonesia..
They're well-known in Korea .. haha
so, i tried to dowload Mocca's song yesterday..
waw, when I heard that, it's AWESOME XD
n' it turns out, their song often i hear on my ears. but, I never realized, they're the singer of song.. haha

oyeah, Last..
these is some picture which i put from tumblr :D

but, i think not for today :(
internet connection is so fuck damn bad TODAY =.=

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