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vendredi 15 octobre 2010


hii bloggiest..
today, is Donghae's birthday XD
he's more mature now.. he's 24 y.o now :)
n' u know, my wish to him ??

HBD my Lovely HAE !!
Wish U all the best n’ I hope U and all members Super Junior will be come to Indonesia.
Hihi XD
Now, u’r already 24. Grow old 1, u’r more mature. My wish, u'r more handsome, kind, better than U are now:) 
ohyeah, dont be tired jagiya.. if U’r sick, im also troublesome:(i will suffer..
frequent smile oppa:)to everyone who loves U, include me. #lebayy

(i wrote it, on my facebook)

but, i have not been saying to him on my twitter.. 
just last night, i reply him : tomorrow, u're grow up 1 old @donghae861015 :D

huuhh~, when he could reply or retweet my tweet?? -__-
can only hope.. b'coz, i think it's imposibble ..
okayy, just forget that..

readers, i think, few days i cannot post something.
yeah, i have test diagnostic. So, i must study hard from NOW !!
i dont want, get bad scores ==
let alone, under 5..
u know kan, im very.very lazy.. my lazy, was at peak level!!

hmm, this is schedule of my test..
monday: IPA --> phsics, biology! i have to learn both lesson.. they're so difficult >.<>
tuesday: English--> i think, maybe my score not very bad here.. i hope :) amien
wednesday: Indonesian--> actually, this is difficult too.. but, i need luck!! wish me luckyXD
thursday: mathematics--> omg, this is so difficult.. my mat is so fuck bad.. hopefully, i can through it !!

ohya, we exam in evening.. i forgot, what time is.
but, in the morning, we're still learn like the usually :(
huuh, really tired !!!

wish me luck, readers..
wish me can do the exam well :)
wish me can get good scores :)
even maybe, 100.. hihi xp
*dont be dream cha!*

bye~~~ xoxoxo

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