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vendredi 3 septembre 2010

past ==

hey, what's ur mind ?
if someone who ever like n' shoot u .
*nembak kamu maksudnya*
send u messages ..
n' he ask u "do u remember me?"
of course, i answer "yeah, are u A in Elementary school? right?"

Nah, he answer "yes, who else?"

N' he also says "u have boyfriend?"
actually, i want to reply "yes, i have.. my boyfriend in South Korea.. he's DongHae:) hahaha"

but, IM so lazy to reply it!
idk, i think, first i dont like him..
even hate!!

n' i also know that he like me , but he mad with me..
because i refuse his love..

yeah, u know? im still 12 y.o
even maybe 11 y.o

n' i dont want to dating with him!
yeah, u know why?
because, he very bad n' cruel to all people .
sometimes, he fell, that he like owned the world!

n 'i was scared of him.. wow, it's so scary:(
he's very cruel!!!
*sorry, kepada yg ngerasa*

n' idk, why he like me? -___-
yeah i know im cute, but it doesn't guarantee..

oya, but him very MAD!
Maybe, b'coz i dont restore doll+glass which he gave to me!
yeah, although i know, my friend says she join accompany him to bought it..

i felt guilty with her, but not wih him..

n' not until like just it,
he continuously mad with me..
n' had call me "rotten" --
*hey boy, im not rotten! im ME*
im mad bout it!!

but, im very fear.
so, im just silent..
dont talk anything ==
*yeah, he notoriety.. girls children, afraid of him..*

oya, he also want his doll+glass -.-
*huu~ ndak ikhlas*
actually, im very want give it!
but, im so scary..

so, in my home .
i throw his glass to swamp beside my home..
n' i grilled his doll,
n' i throw away into gutter..
*sorry doll, im not cruel like u think.. haha*

yeah, finally this just my past:)
because, this very bad, silly, embarrasing .
so, it must i forget..

oya, so what should i do ?

I need ur opinion :D

bye ~~~~

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