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mardi 31 août 2010

mom, dad, please give me new camera for My Birthday

*waw, very cool:) ilikeit.ilikeit!*

*that brand like brand of my camere, Olympus*

*i think, its good too:D*

*idk, why this picture blur==*

*i though, fuji film just name of a camera shop in sangata.. haha*

please ma, pa .. it's up to you, want to give me a brand what:)
please,please,please, GIVE me..

if i already have new camera, i will be more freely to use it :D
to target plants, to photograph a landscape,
and then take pictures of myself :)
*i want to be a modelXDhahaha*

i cannot imagine, if i already have new camera..
maybe, i'll feel glad, like flying to the clouds:)

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