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mercredi 12 mai 2010

KTK ):

This week is the busiest week for children eighth grade. because, on Saturday of each class will appear. although there are still many students who are not ready ..
including my class:) the boys in my class, a nightmare to manage. they love to play everywhere! HUFFTT!

we're divided into three groups .. group of girls, groups of boys, and the last group "group pelerai"
group was not finished-finished looking movements! it still ruined the song!

in fact we've dapa song but one of my friends want to replace the song with another song .. not so tired anymore! also sorry for Bella, she was prepared it was the first song ): 

Where the group that, given the guy who had the remains! bad things that mean .. fate-destiny!

Where are the girls despise angry! they are not impatient!

well, just have to try to be the best .. although not able to be the best (: hehehe

btw, someone said that there is with this coach! very nice ya ...
not bother .. BUT THAT CHEAT!
hopefully not judged! * Amen *
pay only, Rp.75 000 / person
indeed, the children's class-rich rich! ahahaha

there is also the only candidate! hahaaha
eighth graders tittt * sorry, secret

because, they are not ever exercise at school .. training is always in the studio! * Very * rich
rich 's, they have an appointment ...
* First one, who'll tell my class use trainers *

Pot calling the Burglar! hahaha

well, why even talking about people .. :)

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